Sep 29

All-terrain Mobility Scooter, Part 3

Brackets constructed for axle housings, clamped up ready for welding.

Axle housings and mounting plates. The axle housing on the left is upside down to show the construction.

This is probably massively over-engineered, but I reckon it’s better to have a kilo too much chassis than a single gram too little. The loops leaning against the cabinet to the left will be attached tomorrow to form the seat brackets.

We’re not going to use this seat any more, but it’s still useful for working out ergonomics.

Detail view of the rear axles. The inner disks will (eventually) get machined into roller-chain sprockets.

More new tools, which were deemed to be critical to the construction of this project. :-)

Using my new rotary table to drill the holes for the first motor drive sprocket. The rotary table lets me accurately rotate the workpiece to make sprockets with any number of teeth.

Now I’ve switched to an 8mm end mill to finish off the tooth profiles. I end up going around the circle 3 times: once for drilling, once for the leading tooth edge, and once for the trailing tooth edge.

After some minor finishing with a file, it seems to be a good fit for the 420 chain which came from the donor quad bike. Considering that it’s the first one I’ve ever made, I’m satisfied with the finish.

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