Oct 09

All-terrain Mobility Scooter, Part 4

Shortly after this photo was taken, Pete said “Here, hold my beer and watch this!”

The first test run of the drivetrain, with the wheels up on blocks and running at half power (12V). I needed the sprocket drives for two reasons:
(a) The axles coming out of the motors weren’t nearly strong enough to carry those big wheels, and
(b) I needed to reduce the gearing by a 2:3 ratio. The motor sprockets have 12 teeth and the wheel sprockets have 18.

The steering had a lot of play in it, so I’ve decided to fit 2 bearing blocks to the steering column instead of 1. Here I’m using a 20mm end mill to square up a slab of plastic to make the pillow block.

The old (very worn) pillow block bearing on the left, the raw blanks for new ones on the right.

The two blanks with their bearing and mounting holes drilled.

Roughly cut out on the bandsaw. My bandsaw cuts tend to “wander” quite a bit, so I tidied them up on the mill before splitting each bearing into its 2 halves.

That extension loop holding up the top bearing was formerly the rear subframe of the donor quad bike. The pink painted pieces of steel came from a scrapped 2-wheeled hand trolley.

Steering sorted, and temporary floor in place. I’ll be moving on to battery boxes and motor controllers tomorrow.

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  1. Eldora

    Whoa, things just got a whole lot eaeisr.

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